Fallout Character Timeline

  • 2218
    • Guide is born within the New California Republic by Sasha and Zhenia Carmaline, both Russian-borne immigrants.
  • 2220
    • Guide – Age 2.
    • Guide’s father, Zhenia, is killed during a patrol against raiders. Sasha takes his place and enters the Rangers of California, proving herself as a natural-born leader and fighter. While she is absent Guide is babysat by good friends Linda and Max Coburn along with their child Flynn Coburn.
  • 2225
    • Guide – Age 7, Flynn – Age 6.
    • Guide and Flynn brush with death as they travel outside NCR limits into the Wastes and encounter a slaver caravan. Just as they were about to be taken Sasha’s patrol eliminates them and frees the slaves. Guide and Flynn are painfully scorned but tear-drenched by their respective mothers, happy to have been found in the nick of time. As they carry out their punishments they make friends with another deviant named Edmund Shephards, who is the middle son of a police officer of NCR.
  • 2228
    • Guide – Age 10, Flynn – Age 9, Edmund – Age 9.
    • Edmund’s silver tongue nets him a job on a plantation in NCR. Guide and Flynn also manage to find a job there through Edmund.
    • During the job a piece of equipment breaks and other workers deem it irreparable until replacement parts arrive. While the other workers aren’t looking Guide looks at the equipment and finds a temporary solution to repair it. Once the replaceable parts arrive and the equipment is fixed Guide is praised for his use of imagination.
    • Flynn throws a rock over a wall and manages to nail his father on the head. Scolding occurs.
  • 2229
    • Guide – Age 11, Flynn – Age 10, Edmund – Age 10.
    • Guide becomes incredibly ill with some sort of sickness. Sasha traverses the wastes to reach Vault City and requests for medicine from a good friend. During the trip back she is wounded and taken into NCR medical care, recuperating from gunshot wounds while tending to Guide himself.
    • Flynn and Edmund make sure Guide is tended to as his mother is away. Sasha’s surrounding friends also aid him as much as possible.
    • Guide discovers his mother’s diary and her feelings about his father’s death and himself. Moved by what he reads he decides to go into repair and science to make them proud.
  • 2231
    • Guide – Age 13, Flynn – Age 12, Edmund – Age 12.
    • Despite vocal opposition Guide receives a repair kit meant for adult use from Sasha. During a slaver raid Sasha’s armor is damaged; while she slept, Guide repairs the damaged armor with close-to-normal standards. Sasha is proud and praises him; her friends settle down about the repair kit being too dangerous.
    • Edmund manages to close a trading deal with a superb outcome. His slick tongue is praised and he is given a third raise from the plantation owner.
    • Flynn throws another rock and manages to break one of the plantation’s hoe’s. Guide’s quick-thinking allows him to repair the hoe before anyone notices. Guide compliments Flynn’s throwing, saying he is good at throwing stuff.
  • 2235
    • Guide – Age 17, Flynn – Age 16, Edmund – Age 16.
    • The trio decide to leave the plantation and make their own little business which deal with repair, technical and other work.
    • Guide’s reputation grows as more and more people come to him for fixing equipment or dealing with technical problems.
    • Edmund funnels trading to their business and manages to sign a contract for parts and other supplies for repair or restoration.
    • Flynn takes care of menial tasks in the business, ranging from beating angry customers out to hard labor.
    • The trio expands into a group as friends and others are interested. Of notability are Linda Hardwick, Lenny Andstein, Tommy Shields, and Amanda and Margret Fellerman.
  • 2238
    • Guide – Age 20, Flynn – Age 19, Edmund – Age 19.
    • Guide becomes a reputable repairman and computer expert. Edmund decides to venture out of NCR and find more business for the shop; Flynn, Lenny and Tommy tag along as bodyguards.
    • Sasha retires from the Rangers and helps Guide tend the shop. She expands his repair and technical knowledge during her time there. During this year many of the parents of the group also follow suit and retire.
    • Margaret becomes romantically involved with Guide and the two form a relationship.
    • NCR discovers Eagle Rock, a source for energy and water. Burham Springs is founded by an NCR mine merchant named Trent Burham.
  • 2241
    • Guide – Age 23, Flynn – Age 22, Edmund – Age 22, Margaret – Age 22.
    • July 25: Fallout 2 begins.
    • The business fares well and Edmund continues to bring in business with his silver tongue. Flynn is appointed for caravan duties along with Lenny and Tommy. Guide and Margaret’s relationship is completely solidified at this point and they remain steady.
    • The group begins to hear rumors about the reputed Chosen One and all the problems the area is having. They begin to grow more and more concerned with each passing week about what the area is contending with.
    • During a caravan trip Flynn is captured by an unknown enemy. Lenny and Tommy are killed along with a few other guards. Guide, Edmund and the rest of the group discover this and attempt to uncover the fate of Flynn and any survivors.
    • The group’s investigation leads them westward and they find out that Flynn and the survivors have been kidnapped by the Enclave. Through many hardships and persuading from Edmund’s end they uncover the location of a nearby Enclave base. Guide decides to try and infiltrate the base but ends up having Edmund and Margaret come along, much to Guide’s opposition. They are successful, finding Flynn and some survivors and releasing them secretively; against Guide’s wishes Flynn demands to join up the group incognito so the group devise a plan to turn Flynn from a prisoner to a new recruit and are successful.
  • 2242
    • Guide – Age 24, Flynn – Age 23, Edmund – Age 23, Margaret – Age 23.
    • The four continue their work within the Enclave and do as much as possible to sabotage their operations. During their time there they gain more knowledge about their respective skills and become professionals.
    • Edmund becomes a skilled leader and snake tongue, able to worm himself out of much work, duty and hassles that arise. This goes to help the group overall if they stumble across problems, especially Flynn.
    • Guide manages to steal some machinery plans, one design involving power armor and another design involved with vertibirds. In secret, he begins to craft his personal suit of armor.
    • Flynn acknowledges his ability to throw things with precision. He also realizes his addiction with alcohol and explosives and gets in trouble a lot.
    • Margaret does most of the work for the group but with ease, able to sneak around the base without alerting her fellow soldiers.
    • The group also send intermittent messages to their families to inform them of their well-being. Sasha’s body begins to fail her but there is no way of delivering a message to Guide without exposing him.
    • Fallout 2 ends. The group discovers about the oil rig’s demise at the hands of the Chosen One and decide to escape the mainland base. They are successful, but manage to acquire several others with the same mindset as them. The ones originally loyal to the Enclave decide to abandon them and assist Guide and his group instead. Some notable members are Captain Tobias Shelks, Corporal Rebecca Mann, Private Allen Homers and Staff Sergeant Lisa Hallister.
    • The group returns to NCR to find their business dissolved and the whole city on the verge of war with the Brotherhood of Steel. Linda and Amanda are drafted while the group was away in the Enclave base. The group are struck with an impasse to either venture off and find better pastures or assist NCR with the impending war.
    • Guide is reunited with his dying mother. Guide and his closest friends stay by her deathbed as she passes away in silence at the old age of 54. The last words she speaks are remembered by the group for as long as they live. Guide takes his mother’s Ranger armor in remembrance of her.
    • Flynn sparks a relationship with Hallister and the two begin to go steady.
  • 2243
    • Guide – Age 25, Flynn – Age 24, Edmund – Age 24, Margaret – Age 24.
    • Upon much contemplation the group decides to leave NCR and travel elsewhere. Based on interest they attempt to traverse the great mountains and head eastward. Instead of travelling by foot they pay another visit to the Enclave base near San Francisco under the darkness of night to try and acquire a vertibird.
    • The group try to steal a vertibird but are exposed by a patrol group. A firefight ensues, killing Homers and wounding Hallister. Despite difficulties they manage to escape but the plan is delayed to allow Hallister to heal.
    • The group decide to drop their plan and do as much as they can to help the Wasteland. They find an abandoned armory workshop and restore it, using it as a base of operations for the group as they go out and aid outsiders. They refer each other with callsigns and call themselves the Black Sparrows.
  • 2247
    • Guide – Age 29, Flynn – Age 28, Edmund – Age 28, Margaret – Age 28, Hallister – Age 28, Shelks – Age 45, Mann – Age 37.
    • The group hears of NCR abandoning mining operations in Burham Springs. Wondering if they can salvage anything useful Shelks plans an excavation there with a hired mercenary band. The excavation goes awry as the team is attacked by mutated creatures called gehennas. Shelks is left for dead as remnants of the mercenary team abandon him and escape Burham Springs.
    • Guide finishes the prototype of his new armor, which is a combination of his power armor and his mother’s Ranger armor. The group don’t hear word from Shelks for a few days and worry begins to mount. Guide and Mann venture out to Burham Springs and find hints of Shelks’s survival leading down into one of the mineshafts. Guide and Mann have no other choice other than to enter the mine and explore further.
    • The two cautiously journey deeper into the mine and finally uncover Shelks with an explorer named Jonathan Hawke. The gehennas and molechs are alerted and come in full force against the group. Guide is wounded but overall the group manage to escape by the skin of their teeth. As Guide heals he continues to make adjustments to his new exoskeletal armor. Hawke joins the group as a guide for the Wasteland despite his lack of solid experience.
    • The Black Sparrows decide to try and ward off anyone attempting to enter Burham Springs in combination of their usual duties.
  • 2255
    • Guide – Age 37, Flynn – Age 36, Edmund – Age 36, Margaret – Age 36, Hallister – Age 36, Shelks – Age 53, Mann – Age 45, Hawke – Age 30.
    • Guide officially finishes his armor after years of trial and error and experimenting. During testing he also learns more about the Wasteland and the creatures inhabiting it, becoming an experienced guide for the group. Guide changes his callsign and becomes officially known as Guide at this point.
    • Hawke asks Guide for pointers and they travel over the Wasteland together for practice. The remainder of the group begin to contemplate if they should continue with the plan to head east. The group and the recruits accumulated over the years begin to adjust accordingly to the possibility of heading east.
  • 2259
    • Guide – Age 41, Flynn – Age 40, Edmund – Age 40, Margaret – Age 40, Hallister – Age 40, Shelks – Age 57, Mann – Age 49, Hawke – Age 34.
    • Margaret and Amanda have a reunion after bumping into each other during a patrol. During the reunion the workshop is attacked by a large group of raiders and everyone is forced to buckle down and defend. Many casualties are inflicted on both sides but the Black Sparrows are victorious. Amanda’s patrol survives intact but she tells her subordinates that she was killed and to go back and file their reports. Despite opposition Amanda becomes a part of the Black Sparrows – or at least what’s left of it now.
    • Amanda becomes romantically involved with Hawke over the year and the two go steady. The group ultimately decides to head east and explore and see if anyone survived the nuclear holocaust. Preparations are underway and work to restore the vertibird begin. Those born from NCR leave the workshop and return to the city to say their final goodbyes.
    • An upheaval occurs. The group is found and imprisoned within NCR due to treachery. Those still present at the workshop grow concerned and attempt to scout NCR for any whereabouts. Numerous failures and delays place the original plan on definite hold until they manage to rescue Guide and his group.
    • Despite being old and withered the surviving parents of Guide’s group plan to break them out. While they are caught they manage to unlock the prison cells and buy them enough time to escape, albeit getting themselves fatally wounded in the process. In a fit of rage Amanda, Margaret and Flynn kill the ones responsible for wounding their parents. Flynn’s father utters some words to him before passing and then the group make their escape, leaving NCR for good.
  • 2260
    • Guide – Age 42, Flynn – Age 41, Edmund – Age 41, Margaret – Age 41, Hallister – Age 41, Shelks – Age 58, Mann – Age 50, Hawke – Age 35, Amanda – Age 34.
    • The group is finally prepared to head out after overcoming numerous setbacks. As the vertibird prepares for flight the group is attacked by NCR rangers and the Black Sparrows are forced to fight. To buy the group enough time Shelks sacrifices himself and draws the rangers’ attention. The group successfully escapes, Shelks destroys the whole workshop with rigged explosives along with himself and any remaining survivors from the NCR group. Mann confesses that she had a relationship with Shelks since they met with Guide’s group and mourns as they depart from the west and into the east.
  • 2261
    • Guide – 43, Flynn – 42, Edmund – 42, Margaret – 42, Hallister – 42, Mann – 51, Hawke – 36, Amanda – 35.
    • The group end their flight some miles west from Vault 87 without them realizing it. They are attacked by the super mutants but survive easily due to their experience. They make a small outpost and stake out the surrounding areas before deciding on their next plan.
    • Mann begins having body aches and pains. Hallister diagnoses Mann and the group discovers she is pregnant. The group begins preparing for the possibility of a child and focus on salvaging medical and baby supplies in unison with their other operations.
    • Later in the year Mann dies giving birth to a healthy female baby. Hawke and Amanda take the initiative to raise the child with the help of the rest of the group. Coincidentally Mann’s power armor fails and it is used to mark Mann’s grave. Mann’s child is named Rebecca in remembrance of her mother.
    • The group discovers the presence of Vault 87. Fearing Rebecca’s health the group stay where they are until she is old enough for travel. For 11 years the group endure many attacks ranging from raiders to slavers and super mutants in between. Fortunately they also encounter caravans and other merchants who trade with the group and provide them with valuable supplies and equipment to last. Some travelers decide to even stay with the group, gaining more knowledge about the west and learning more about skills for the Wasteland and equipment management.
  • 2272
    • Guide – 54, Flynn – 53, Edmund – 53, Margaret – 53, Hallister – 53, Hawke – 47, Amanda – 46, Rebecca – 11.
    • Word of the Black Sparrows travels through the eastern wasteland and they become somewhat of a notable group. However, the Enclave present in the area also acquire word of them and begin preparations to find them. The outpost goes under heavy attack as verti-assault troops move in to confiscate any equipment found and execute anyone present. The group manages to survive but any outsiders present during the assault are killed.
    • The group’s vertibird experiences the first transmission from Three Dog’s radio station. Upon more searching they also realize there is an Enclave radio station transmitting throughout the area which they didn’t realize before because they didn’t expect to find anything from it. After giving the townsfolk a proper burial the group depart from their post and head further east. Guide leaves excess supplies within their abandoned outpost under a ruined vertibird owned by the Enclave with a clear mark of the Black Sparrows’ emblem.
  • 2273
    • Guide – 55, Flynn – 54, Edmund – 54, Margaret – 54, Hallister – 54, Hawke – 48, Amanda – 47, Rebecca – 12.
    • The group establishes another outpost within the ruins of DC. Soon thereafter they run across another group named Reilly’s Rangers. The two become mutually friendly and begin exchanging supplies and information with each other. The Black Sparrows work together with Reilly’s Rangers to help get rid of the super mutant threat surrounding DC but neglect to inform them about Vault 87. Instead, the Black Sparrows decide to leave Vault 87 out of any conversation for convenience sake and plan their own operations out to try and revisit it.
    • The Enclave track the Black Sparrows down and place a small operation post near their outpost. They monitor them lightly for any major movement and try to find any other information on them. However, later in the year the operation post comes under attack by super mutants and the Enclave soldiers are killed. Guide and Flynn find the remnants of the post and discover what happened through audio logs. Hallister looks through the Enclave’s vertibird and disables the tracking device, causing them to lose the location of the Black Sparrows. The leftover vertibird becomes scrap metal and extra parts for the group’s vertibird.
  • 2277
    • Guide – Age 59, Flynn – 58, Edmund – 58, Margaret – 58, Hallister – 58, Hawke – 52, Amanda – 51, Rebecca – 16.
    • The Black Sparrows decide to depart from DC and relocate. They give any excess supplies to Reilly’s Rangers and say their goodbyes, flying a few miles northwest into the outskirts of DC. They come across a tiny settlement coming under fire by slavers and swoop down to eradicate them. The Black Sparrows come to settle here after years of adventuring through the Wasteland. They begin building up the tiny settlement into a trading outpost and name it Fellerman’s Crossing.
    • During construction the Black Sparrows catch word of the Lone Wanderer. They begin making small supply caches throughout the Wasteland in hopes that they will find some use. During one of these travels a young band of inexperienced raiders try to mug Guide’s group with broken weapons. Obviously they are unsuccessful, but instead of killing them outright Guide opts to welcome them to the Crossing and teach them how to survive the Wastes. The group are pegged with suspicion at first but then see them as friends as the year passes.
    • The group encompasses several young men and women who are inexperienced and struggling to survive. Some people of note are Pavel, Alexandra, Maco, Puma, Steel, and Sierra. Some are under aliases and others don’t remember their real names or chose to abandon their real names for something else.
    • Pavel finds a great deal of interest with Guide and goes under his wing to learn more about repair and science. Steel follows some weeks later but focuses more on repair. Sierra finds interest in medicine and Hallister vouches to teach her. Puma manages to persuade Edmund to teach her about bartering and trade. Flynn, Alexandra, and Maco are the group deviants and goof off most of the time but Flynn finds time to teach them about explosives and picking locks.
    • The young group earn an honest living by helping out the Crossing. Pavel is adopted by Guide while Flynn and Hallister adopt Sierra, Alexandra and Maco. Amanda and Hawke continue to take care of Rebecca and teach her about surviving in the Wasteland. The group settle down indefinitely in Fellerman’s Crossing and the trading post grows steadily with each passing month.
  • 2278
    • Guide – 60, Flynn – 59, Edmund – 59, Margaret – 59, Hallister – 59, Hawke – 53, Amanda – 52, Rebecca – 17, Pavel – 20, Steel – 19, Maco – 19, Alexandra – 18, Sierra – 18, Puma – 17.
    • Fellerman’s Crossing becomes a notable trading post within the Wasteland. The young adults continue their studies and the Black Sparrows keep the peace throughout the areas of the Crossing. Flynn opens up a bar, Edmund is appointed caravan organizer while Hallister becomes the town doctor. Guide ventures out into the Wastes from time to time while also doubling as the town’s repairman and mechanic. Hawke and Amanda stay in the town at all times as guards. Margaret is appointed as the leader of Fellerman’s Crossing and ensures the town’s security, monitoring supplies and the flow of equipment.
    • Estimated end of Fallout 3. The Lone Wanderer manages to activate Project Purity and purify the waters surrounding the eastern end of the Wastes. Fellerman’s Crossing celebrates this by drinking the water from the river once it’s purified enough. However, the celebration is cut short when remnants of Enclave ambush the group. The Black Sparrows take them down with little to no injury, bottle up whatever purified water they can and return to Fellerman’s Crossing.

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