5 – Accosted! A Bold and Subtle Undertaking.

“Now that we’re out of harm’s way, mind telling me what happened back there?” Fols grunted as he slammed a rock into the chain of Chance’s handcuffs. The links shattered into pieces and Chance took this moment to stretch with a groan of relief. The sun descended slowly as the haze of White Fog lingered in the near distance.
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New Tumblr Blog.

I created a Tumblr blog to post my thoughts on things that catch my attention. I felt like such thoughts wouldn’t fit in here because I’ve only posted my writings since the blog’s conception. If you’d like some food for thought then perhaps the other blog will sate your appetite. I’ve also added a link to this blog’s About page.

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Story Rewrite Update.

I completely overhauled a story I typed up in 2009. It originally had 5 pages but after its rewrite it mutated into 13. It’s a World of Warcraft story, and you can see the rewrite here.

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Broken Child

O, sweet child,
What have they done to you?
The soft feathers upon your back,
Have been ripped to shreds by such attacks.
Their screams and lashes have wronged you so,
And now to they your heart goes.
Little child, once filled with spirit,
There is nothing more for you to commit.
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The Mortal Struggle

Let your lungs suffocate against the sordid air,
And cause your hand to raise high in despair.
Unable to breath as glass smoke pours down,
Causing you to swim in the air, only to drown.
Melting roses grate down your flesh,
Burn you with life blood and a neverending caress.
Eyes bleeding water of such torturous heat,
Mingles with your blood and gritting, tight teeth.
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4 – Escape to White Fog!

He couldn’t believe what he just did. Chance struggled to contain his anger as he hopped from roof to roof, the chains of his handcuffs rattling in the wind like numerous cobra tails. Every time he blinked he saw Eirin’s face filled with malice and contempt that lumped up with each scumbag noble that met his eye. Remembering that face opened a cache of memories that he now wished would go the hell away.
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Ungrateful Smile

Let it be known that the author of this story is a magnet who attracts the oddest of responses from even the most isolated strangers of the world. I’m not certain just exactly how this occurs, perhaps God misinterpreted my usual facial expressions as an affront in some way that I’ll never understand no matter how much time passes by. This is the sort of story that needs to start at the beginning, and without understanding who I am the point of this whole piece of writing would probably be lost.
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3 – The Bluff that Reopened Old Wounds.

Chance cried out as he tore a large hole through the building’s roof and brought debris along with his descent. Stone and wood scattered across the lodge like hail while the nobles residing in the establishment screamed up a storm, resembling ants running around trying to avoid a giant foot. Chance grunted as he slammed into a large, wooden beam that held him several feet above the second floor. The wind tore from his lungs and he felt spikes jabbing all over his body but with an angry yell he shrugged off the pain and opened his eyes to find a huge piece of stone roofing dropping down upon him.
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2 – Lady Eirin of the Ravonov House!

The sun looked down over Vacule Island as its denizens busied themselves with their daily lives. The shutters of the sole window in Chance’s room remained closed, blocking out the bustling activity coming from the streets. Chance’s calm snoring dominated the room until a pair of footsteps competed against it and burst into a voice.
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1 – Destiny Begins! Enter Chance Oeberis.

In the Southwest Cardinal Sea is an island known as Vacule Island. Golgi City is the only major settlement, and is divided between two districts: Noble’s Paradise and Vescle. As a testament of superiority the city is built on a slope with Noble’s Paradise towering over the other, a reminder that all who live at the top are inherently blessed and those below should consider themselves grateful for being able to live under such people.
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