You may have come here hoping for good things but only sadness follows

This blog is for writing shit I do

Here are other places:


WordPress [You Are Here]






YouTube Live


Tumblr [Yell things at me here but there is also gaming oriented art and stuff]

Twitter [Yell things at me here too but there is also stream notifications and shit posts]

YouTube [Livestream dumps/Edited content]

Vid.Me [Edited content only]

6 Responses to About

  1. htmm says:

    i really like your blog and i think its got an edge to it, enjoyed the writing too, keep posting

    • Grim Meteor says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I plan on trying to type a poem a day. If I run out of ideas I’ll just start hurling out random stuff, maybe.

  2. Just letting you know I wandered in and read a bit and laughed some too.

  3. I enjoy this, thank you! As a fellow Moon Guardian, would you mind if I linked this to the De’jan Inks blog?

  4. No stealing. Just linking. :D

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