Done For The Day

Cowboy’s done for the day.
Took the long way home for a long walk down.
Tripped on a rock, got fed up,
Hurled it yonder and found a broken bird.
Cursed the world and went on my way,
Just done for the day.

Sittin’ in his house, silent.
Took a swig of liquor and sighed.
Broke the bottle against the wall and made pictured memories fall.
Strummed his guitar and twanged it slowly,
Slammed it against the floor,
Cursed the world and slept the day away,
Done with it.

Migrain surging through my head.
Brought a beer from the fridge.
Wallowed in silence again, cursing,
Trying to pick up pictured memories.
Cuttin’ fingers at the shards,
Blades sinking deep, grittin’ teeth.
Glued everything back together with a swig and medicine,
But the day wasn’t done just yet.

Knock on the door.
Gentle lady, prim and proper;
Savage man, ragged and wild;
Blue to brown and blonde to black,
both silent, starin’ each other back.
Gentle smile says the lady.
Pictured memory, retorts the man.
Man shuts the door, heavy heart light,
Beer goes away, staying cold overnight;
Mess cleaned up, swept under the rug,
Lady giggles gleefully, spotting it.
Man chuckles deep, soul freeing.

Wagon’s movin’ up, though ramp so steep.
Buffalo’s headin’ home in the midwestern heat.
Cowboy’s done for the day by the lady,
Cowboy’s done for the day, makin’ pictured memories.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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