Words Ring Sweet

Is it possible for me to love you anymore?
From cradle to grave you have taken care of me.
The question is wrong and the perspective askew;
The real question is: How can I repay you?

Timeless moons and enduring suns,
I have basked in your graceful face.
From the days in your arms, cradling me softly,
And then to whisper a note of love to my soft ear.
Oh, how time flies by,
To see me grow up swiftly.
I cannot help to wonder the sorrows I’ve put you through,
And can only find ways to repay.

Your presence is commanding,
Like a general in the field of battle.
Your words are crisp and stern,
Like a resolute warrior.
Looking up to you, who stands so tall and mighty,
I cannot help but to revel in your presence.

Yet your hands touch softly,
A gentle giant, so kind and true,
Your wisdom surpassing decades of sorrows and blues.
A smile so sweet and honest,
Like I as a child,
And laughter which boasts his pride
And rallies the downtrodden.

I look to you two,
Whom so much as happened,
Journeyed to distant lands and suffered from consequences.
They told you “no!”
But you fought with “yes!”
And made your way through for better rest.

Through thick and thin you’ve been there,
To give me a hand even though your other in distress,
A word of love when hatred struck you aside,
A face of determination when wrought with desperation,
You have given your all.

The thought of your deaths has me weeping so,
But I know it will come.
Even from the grave your words ring sweet,
Giving me strength to follow through,
Of the path which lurks evil and the pangs of defeat strong.

But I wipe my tears and stand at attention,
Look to the darkness, fearless determination.
Dash into the forward unknown, thinking of you,
And your words that ring sweet of love so true.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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One Response to Words Ring Sweet

  1. laied dechsi says:

    all troubles will gone away when i know my son is o-key.my son champ is the greatest writer..i wish the world can read this poetry.thank you champ for writing this it is enpower all the parents.keep on writing ..your day is coming

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