Fly High, Soar Far

Submerged in darkness.
The tunnel is long and respite is lost.
Can you save me from the depths of hell,
When it pulls me away?
Those hands that grasp and tear,
Never ending their savagery.

How long have we traveled?
This long road that never seems to end.
Can we survive this journey,
Going somewhere, where ever it leads us?
Can we brace against the darkness,
Should it guide us to hell?

Wisdom from our past, telling us otherwise,
“Be strong and aware!”
Even if hell embraces us,
We do not have to reciprocate,
To deny its fiery touch,
To fortify against its venemous fangs
That tempt to send us to despair and hate.

Stand tall, walk far, reach high;
Have heart to pierce through pain,
To soar past obstacles.
Wings of wisdom and hope spring wide and far,
To lead us away from surrender and sorrow,
To let us follow our own paths
To paradise.

Go now, youth, reach for the stars
And forever be touched by your loved ones.
For every ounce of pain a shed of warmth,
And every tear an embrace.
Bones may become brittle,
And throat so parched,
But let wisdom and heart guide you,
To let you walk tall,
To let you fly high,
To let you soar far,
Amidst the chaos of all things physical,
Amidst the darkness insufferable.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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