Progressive Reverse

Have we gotten anywhere on this painful road?
It seems like we keep going straight, only to see it curve.
The lifetimes spent trying to perfect,
Only to falter and blow out, dead with a whimper.

So much pain for so many paces.
If things could change, just how so?
So many lifetimes traveling in circles,
Simply unknown, lost, to always roam.

Pray tell the spoils to the victor
As we follow along,
This open road we travel, going forever.
How far have we even gotten, one has to wonder,
Compared to the gallons of bloodshed sprouting down under.

Cut our losses, save ourselves?
Fathers give blood to their children well!
We can go on as long as we please,
Or maybe how much we’re duped — it’s at relative ease.
The lives under us, suffering lifetimes,
Due to this progressive reverse of our kind’s timeline.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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