And Now For Something Different!

I got into music making a few weeks ago and thought it wouldn’t hurt to share what I’ve made so far. I’ve been using FL Studio and I have to say it’s really neat, but then again I’m pretty sure any software worth its salt would be really neat anyways so saying that is simply silly. As much as I’d like to rot away making everything I possibly could my new job and school clogs up the pipes.

Speaking of, I’m still getting used to the flow of having a job. I’m excited to have one but damn it all if my self-esteem can’t handle the responsibility. It’s something to get used to since this is my very first-of-all-time job and I know I have to change my outlook in order to cope. If every time I messed up making a pizza or a customer’s order caused me to want to burrow myself underground then God knows I won’t be able to survive this job.

On the other hand, at least I’m part-time so I’ll be able to break myself in slowly… hopefully. Maybe? Possibly.

In other news, my enmity towards math grew this past semester, hence the school during summer. This time I’ll pass… well, I’d like to honestly say that but… self-esteem, yeah. We’ll find out, God damn it.

In other OTHER news… is this the first authentic blog post on here? That’s really funny.


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