Wise Guy

We all knew him as the Wise Guy, both metaphorically and literally. He always seemed to act out of the ordinary compared to the rest of us but I guess that’s what we respected about him, he always did something no one would ever do. In the end his actions never failed to inspire us even if we didn’t understand them completely.

We always wondered why he did what he did. One time there was this mean bully in school who tripped him and made him spill all his food. The bully was pretty stupid because Wise Guy was practically friends with everyone even if he didn’t talk to them much. Almost everyone in the whole cafeteria was about to get up until Wise Guy just picked himself up from the ground and walked off with his empty tray. He didn’t even say a word to the bully, he just upped and left to clean himself up.

Most people brushed the event behind them but me and some others pals wondered why Wise Guy did what he did. We eventually asked him about it and he told us a lot of things.

“I think people should stop trying to take over stuff.” As usual his words baffled us. We saw this coming since that’s just Wise Guy being Wise Guy. “I don’t wanna take over anything, and if people are trying to take me over, then I’ll just do what I can to adapt. If you can’t change the world then change yourself, you know?

We didn’t take Wise Guy’s words for granted. I don’t think anyone ever did because anything he said usually amounted to something important. He never spoke unless spoken to; in fact, he never really talked a lot and maybe that’s what we admired about him the most. Anything he said was something worth listening to.

There was another time when we were all at the circus. We had a hell of a time and were about to leave until we realized that Wise Guy wasn’t with us. After an hour of searching we managed to find him sitting on a bench in his boxers. We asked him what happened and he told us that someone robbed him.

We called the police and told them about the accident. Wise Guy lost a hundred bucks along with his license and registration. When we found him he didn’t seem fazed at all. One of us tried to console him but he said there wasn’t any need.

In a calm, assuring voice he told us, “Don’t worry.” We were kinda shocked at that but then he went on to tell us that his material possessions aren’t really important to him. And when he smiled he said that, “Perhaps I can console them by giving them more than they want. Maybe they’ll realize material possessions aren’t everything and understand.”

The next day we were all at school. Wise Guy was reading the newspaper and discovered that the person who robbed him was found. The robber was killed in an alleyway trying to mug a passerby. Wise Guy shook his head disappointingly and refolded the newspaper. “Perhaps my gesture wasn’t enough to console him,” he said sullenly.

It was hard to understand Wise Guy. We thought he’d be glad to find out that his robber was killed but he got sad instead. I kinda understood his position I think, and that Wise Guy just wants people to see over material possessions and concentrate on the more important things. Considering Wise Guy this was probably another victory for greed and another defeat for enlightenment… or something to that degree.

When we graduated Wise Guy said he was going to become an actor and inspire millions through movies. I liked using cameras so we promised one day we’d do something to help one another. I can say without a doubt that he’s living a comfortable life right now. Wise Guy was always living a comfortable life but what everyone doesn’t know is that he’s always unsettled and sad.

He never told anyone but until the world finds true happiness without the need of so many material possessions he won’t be happy. When we’ve finally finished college maybe I’ll be a director and help him express his views in the movies or something. Whatever happens I can say without a doubt we’ll get to that point. The last thing Wise Guy told me before we parted ways was that those who want justice, seek comfort or wish for happiness will work until they get to where they want. Our roads will be long but we’ll get there.


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