A Cautionary Poem.

Bide your time, you may never see it,
That one day where everything changes.
Killed in a car accident, shot during crime,
Everyday is a sacred day in time.

Learn your place, for you are only mortal,
Flaws accumulate to outright destroy you.
Pride and gluttony are ripples in the rock,
With wrath and sloth coming to shorten the clock.

One little kiss is all it needs to take
For lust to shatter a couple’s wake,
Years of friendship gone to waste,
All because of a little act of grace.

Whatever wrongs you’ve done, never forget,
About the resolution you will get.
The sickle will come down without any tear,
And reap your soul without any fear,
To cast down you down into the pits of hell,
Forcing you remember your errors forever.

The secrets you keep will be yours as always,
But to the ones looking down they will see only you.
Once young flesh turned into brittle dust,
But inside the soul burns to a bitter crust.

Remember the words of the wise,
Remember the sayings from the past,
Remember the histories forged from man,
And the teachings from the learned damned.
If you cannot be honest with yourself,
Then who do you expect to be?
If you cannot trust yourself,
Then no one can trust you.

Live an honest life,
Free from lies and deceit.
While good deeds can go punished,
Evil ones are to the highest degree.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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3 Responses to A Cautionary Poem.

  1. Suzanne says:

    like your poem. “live an honest life” – something I try to heed, but it is harder then it seems.

  2. kseverny says:

    We all make mistakes.
    it’s whether we learn from them that matters

  3. Aragoth says:

    Very interesting.

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