All In A Day’s Work

“Contact! Get down!” The carriers flailed life and limb to protect themselves against the barrage of arrows that descended from the valley. Bandits stormed over the caravan like vultures to a carcass, waiting to have their fill of loot and plunder. One tried to assault the orc in full plate and found himself with a shattered skull once the orc’s heavy fist impacted his face.

“Carriers! Rifles ready, shoot those archers down!” By Khaadgrim’s command the carriers aimed and fired. Screams of pain and agony filled the valley as bodies started to crumple down and slam the ground with the terrible sounds of fragmented bone. Those with no ranged capabilities made battle with the other bandits at ground level and the exchange of metal on metal ensued with raging motivation.

Khaadgrim finally found some time to unsheath his axe. He scanned the area as the carriers fought with the bandits to protect the caravan. The orc growled with irritation, then pressed a button on his radio and spoke into it.

“This is Khaadgrim, me and my carriers are under heavy fire, requesting assistance immediately!” Several bandits made their way to Khaadgrim’s position, unaware that the orc was even there. The group attempted to make out with the caravan supplies as the battle raged but were cut short when the orc leaped from his hiding place, took one of the shorter bandits and decided to play baseball with the other ones.

Khaadgrim’s newly-appointed flesh mace cried out in pain and agony as his body was used against his comrades. The group was beaten half to death before Khaadgrim disposed of his makeshift weapon, leaning him over his knee and breaking his spine in half, then tossing him off to the side as he moved to sit behind the caravan wagon once more and attempted another contact with Cham.

“Cham, you idiot! Respond to me damn it!” Khaadgrim surveyed the area again. The carriers were putting up a good fight but were waning slowly. Corpses began littering the ground as time passed by and the newly-arrived archers from above didn’t put favor to the caravan guards. The radio suddenly blared out and Khaadgrim whipped his head to it.

“Oh hey Khaad!” Cham said energetically. “Sorry about that, I lost my radio under a buncha paperwork and –”

“I don’t have time for your stupidity, Cham! I need reinforcements NOW!” An arrow knocked into Khaadgrim’s helmet and shattered into pieces. Several other arrows followed suit and stuck themselves onto the wood of the wagon. After brushing some of the metal from the arrow off his helmet he took out what looked like a small hatchet and hurled it upwards. There was no cry of agony however as the assumed assailant descended from above and smashed into the ground with the hatchet still buried into his forehead.

“Well, if you’re gonna put it THAT way,” Cham said plainly, “I’ve got Barzik around your location with another† flyer hauling in some cargo. He’ll be on your way now!”

That was that. Now all there was to do was go crazy in that battlefield. Picking up his axe, Khaadgrim sauntered from the wagon and gazed over the are. Carrier and bandit corpses littered the field in combination with those that were too wounded to fight. Some bandits came into the scene and tried to discern who was dying and who was dead, either finishing their enemies off or looting the corpses. Either way, Khaadgrim didn’t like that, so he decided to pay them a visit.

The orc caught one just as he was about to strike a final blow. The bandit found his face being shredded to pieces as it made contact with Khaadgrim’s spiked helmet, then his body torn to pieces as it made headway to the sharp point of the orc’s axe. The other bandits heard the poor sod’s painful screaming and charged straight into the orc with blades high.

Khaadgrim simply stood here. The bandits began hacking and slashing at the orc’s armor to no avail, but they didn’t notice it until the orc decided to finally do something. With little energy Khaadgrim took one and cracked his neck, then took the other bandit and slammed his fist into his face several times until blood started smearing over his armor. After he was done he simply tossed him to the side and crossed his arms, glaring at the other bandits who were still alive.

One pissed himself. Another one went dashing off, screaming. Before the others could figure out what the hell to do they were shot up by several carriers who were hiding behind one of the caravan kodos, which was surprisingly still alive and unfazed by the battle. Khaadgrim looked to them and nodded, to which the carriers cheered a bit at.

Overhead gunfire was heard. Two gyrocopters entered the scene with their machine guns screaming and tearing up the ranged infantry that were still present. The bandits finally figured out that they were losing this battle and retreated with what little survivors they still had. Once the carriers realized this they all let out a cheer.

“Aha! Look at those ants run!” Barzik cried out through the radio. “Run you half-wits, run like yer pappy makes ya!” As the dwarf and his other comrade cleaned up the remaining bandits the caravan regrouped and tended to the wounded.

The orc approached one of the carrier captains and asked him how many losses the caravan had. The captain simply smiled and nodded.

“Good many are wounded but no losses recorded.” Khaadgrim nodded and dismissed him. With a sigh of relief he glanced up through the valley peaks and toward the skies. As the gyrocopters passed by once more Barzik rung through the radio.

“Oy Khaad! If ya need any backup we’ll be around, I’ll never get tired’a weedin’ out bandits with these twin guns, ha ha!”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Barzik. Thank you for the support.” With that said the copters faded into the distance and all calmed down with the sounds of the carriers working to get the caravan back into shape. The wounded were addressed and placed into a wagon and those still able to work went back to their stations and awaited for Khaadgrim’s word. With a calm eye the orc looked over the captains and nodded, signaling to move the caravan. As it slowly moved through the valley Khaadgrim glanced up to the skies once more. It was funny how such an event happened under such blue skies.

Supposedly, the caravan was fortunate to have no deaths during the travel and maybe that was due to such a good day. The orc shook his head perished the thought, then made his way to the front of the caravan. There was still a good way before the group could rest and Khaadgrim knew he would have to keep a sharper eye on things. It was all in a good day’s work though so nothing felt so different from before.


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