Deliveries Never Done

“Get out of the way! News for the headmaster, out of the way!” The carrier pushed and shoved his way through the busy streets of Stormwind, an expression of determination on his face as he ran. After some time he found his way to a building of some sort and heaved the wooden door open. Through there he continued pushing his way through the people until he met with a long hallway and dashed to the end of it.

He quickly opened the door and spoke excitedly. “Headmaster! Headmaster, news for you from the front!” Three pairs of eyes darted to the carrier in dismay. What was so important to have disturbed this conversation? Cham was sitting behind a large wooden table with papers piled up here and there. To the sides, Khaadgrim and Berlshenk stood, waiting for what the carrier had to say.

The carrier didn’t know what to do first. Should he give the sealed letter to the headmaster or simply tear it open and begin reading it? After a minute of hesitating Khaadgrim crossed his arms and cleared his throat, his steely gaze knocking the carrier back into present time. The orc held his hand out and waited for the carrier to hand him the letter, then dismissed him once he did so. As the door closed the orc opened the envelope and began reading.

Silence tore through the room. There wasn’t a single sound present other than the movements of Khaadgrim’s heavy plate armor. Once he was finished reading the letter he tossed it to Cham’s table and then slowly unbuckled his helmet, letting out a slow, calm sigh. Berlshenk looked to Khaadgrim as Cham snatched the letter from the table and read it himself.

“The Lich King is no more,” Khaadgrim said with his tone stoic and stony. An air of anxiety filled the room, a chill blowing through from somewhere, perhaps from beyond the grave. They each knew what the other was feeling; there was a sensation of victory achieved but also of great concern lingering in the mix. The orc and dwarf looked to Cham who was still reading the letter, an expression of perpetual shock written over the headmaster’s face.

“I…,” the headmaster began, or at least tried to. “This is… I….” He slowly lowered the letter and set it down flat onto the table. His eyes flickered over the paperwork, then to his friends that were staring back at him. The silence bombarded the room once more, almost like it was cheering in horror over something greatly disastrous. The headmaster sprung up from his chair and slowly walked over to the small window in the corner, looking out with despair written all over his face.

Again, he tried to speak. “I… guess this is it, huh?” None of the members said anything in return and only continued staring at Cham. “Well, I guess the FCU will be around even without me, eh? It’s been fun while it lasted.”

Berlshenk furrowed his brows. “Oy now, you aren’t thinkin’ of just up ‘n leavin’ are ya?” Cham turned and looked to the dwarf with dejected eyes, nodding slightly for all the energy he could muster at this point. Khaadgrim scoffed at the gesture and gained the headmaster’s attention.

“Giving up so easily? I suppose the annoying Cham I knew died along with the Lich King.” Khaadgrim pointed to Cham and continued speaking. “Whatever happened to the poor and paltry? Or those who cannot defend themselves? Have you already overlooked them?”

Cham couldn’t find any words to muster up, the stares of his peers drilling through him so easily. He only rubbed his arms and gazed to the floor, feeling as if he kicked himself in the head and deserved it. Despite what he was feeling Khaadgrim was right. So as long as he was the leader of the FCU his work was not done.

Berlshenk nodded, addressing Cham. “Yer work ain’t done yet, my friend. Long as yer movin’ n’ doin’ what you do this world still needs ya in some way.” He smiled to him and it affected him quickly. Cham reached for the letter and tore it up, then tossed the remains into the trash bin at the side of the table.

“Right now. Anyways, what were we talking about again?” Khaadgrim rolled his eyes and resumed the prior conversation from there. Despite the news everything continued as it was before the Lich King was even slain. It was simply another notable milestone to acknowledge for the Freelance Carriers Union. For everything else their work was still pending. It would be quite some time before they could ever celebrate.


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