More Updates!

I made a few pages for my characters in World of Warcraft because I wanted a better place to store them other than the wiki site I help run. It took a damn long while because I didn’t want the names of my characters to show in the sidebar. Though, if I write enough I’ll probably make a separate blog for them, but for the time being I’ll store my WoW stories here.

A total of four stories starring my Orc Warrior, Khaadgrim, has been posted to this blog. For a brief introduction of him simply head to the Simple Days link located on the sidebar and click his banner.

I also mentioned below at a very earlier date that I would update my poetry with revisions. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I placed them so they will stay as is unless I manually go through them. Perhaps one day!

For those commenting, thank you for your support!


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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3 Responses to More Updates!

  1. forus says:

    I miss our shenanigans. I see things have changed a bit, but glad to see you’re still producing creativity.

    • Grim Meteor says:

      Not much has changed other than my move to Moon Guard. People and habits come and go but that’s the flow of life, we wouldn’t learn or gather experience if things didn’t change at least a bit anyways.

      It’s nice to see you’re still around though. Hope you’re in good health!

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