Of Pie And Promises

Here is the pie, sitting merrily atop the windowsill.
It shall stay there until supper, untouched by man, such a relic of the gods.
Promises are given and none shall be broken!

A single glance passing by the kitchen.
The pie beckons, quickly indulging deep yearnings,
Enticing to the eyes, jealous of the emptiness of the soul.
Hark! Traitor to prudence and justice!
The pie stays there until supper, a curse among the people, destroyer of civilizations!
Promises are given and none shall be broken!

A scent fills the room.
The mind numbs, unable to comprehend itself like an enraged baboon.
Illusions are placed, images of sweetness and pleasure,
Delights are filled throughout, barring no man from such goodies!
Hark! The deceiver beckons!
Ready to consume man in its entirety,
Prepared to wreak havoc and mayhem,
Wishing to engorge planets and solar systems from one small step!
Promises are given and none shall be broken!

Avast! Supper approaches!
The delightful end is near! Oh woe is the deceiver, the enemy to all men, the deceitful, rampaging monster that lies in all of us, oh woe are they!
Victory is only but a step away! The sun rises with gleaming orange and red, casting away the darkness to the depths from whence they came!
Victory! Victory! The mortals rejoice, the mortals rejoice!
At last temptation shall be satisfied!
These promises which were given have not been broken!

A glance to the windowsill.
“Who ate the pie!?”
Promises were given and all were broken.


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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One Response to Of Pie And Promises

  1. Samantha says:

    * wiping mouth with napkin *… what pie??? ;)

    great read! thanks! =)

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