Last Night, Good Night

This is the last time.
Wake up, eyes fluttering, silence embodied – not a whisper.
I am alone, along with myself as usual.
How long has it been? How long will it last?
This heartbroken, star-struck lover
Not a chance in hell for a romance.

Silence is my only company.
Love drives me on – but not with another.
Continue to hold dreams, but know they are too much.
So many expectations, no promises.
This is the last time.

Wandering around the house, trying to plan my steps.
Fumbling with my mind, fighting to keep sane.
Will today be that day? Will it finally happen?
It races by and nothing comes to fruition.

This is the last time.
I don’t have to be with silence anymore.
I can cut this bond with it and free myself;
But I know that’s a terrible hope to believe in.
I can’t try, or maybe my standards try too hard.
If I finally take a step, maybe I’ll miss that chance and lose everything.
This is the last time.

Last night, good night
To the last time I’ll be alone,
To the last time I have to sleep,
And cuddle with silence.

Last night, good night
To the bad dreams that await me,
To the pains of a broken heart,
And to the sorrows of isolation.
Last night, good night.

Expect so much, find so less.
Risk it all, lost everything.
Hope so much, wreck it all!
This is the last time.

Alone in bed – as usual.
Wondering what silence has to say.
An ear to the wall to listen to the voices
And realize again they all say nothing.

Walk around the house like a repeat,
Wondering what my steps will be
Becoming tired of all this nonsense,
And repeat the day like yesterday.

This is the last time.
Empty words just like the heart.
Sorrows flung everywhere
To mask the self-loathing inside.

Last night, good night
So cry out loud for hopeless hope,
And sing the wailing banshee’s song,
To cringe at the dying man’s final regret,
And bask in the lover’s lost tragedy.
Last night, good night.

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