The Bitter Stars In The Midnight Sky

I remember those past days,
Being young and foolish, but I was much more happier.
I remember naiveté and ignorance,
But also bliss and excitement
Being so young.

Days playing out in the yard,
Times spent with family;
Looking up at the stars in the midnight sky
Like gleaming pieces of hope lost from hopeless others.
Where have the times gone?

Ah, yes, the bitter stars in the midnight sky,
I remember the line uttered,
“I wish time would stop.”
But reality thwarts all plans,
And manages to break all fantasy,
So now I find myself continuing on
Seeing if I can do this again.

What happened to those moments?
Letting you hold me and swing me around, like a miniature rocket man.
What happened to your face?
Such a powerful protector, now marred by events and opposition.
I remember your face so vividly, you and her,
Such energy, such happiness.
All withered away and the light in your eyes dimming.

Ah, yes, the bitter stars in the midnight sky,
You have seen all this firsthand.
The ravages of time, causing all to become indistinguishable until everything turns to dust.
Waiting for your moments to steal hopes and dreams away
Just by that one line:
“I wish time would stop.”

These changes and turn of events.
From the youthful man to the Old Man,
From the young maiden to the gentle mistress.
Some see the light of another day, others go to you.
“I wish time would stop, I would time would stop.”
The lines are told without refrain
Just in hopes to see if it will happen
Some just to spite you.

Ah, bitter stars in the midnight sky.
It never ends, it never ends,
Such a long road ahead with many corpses littered to the sides.
An eternity to walk and pass those who have failed;
Will I become one of them?
Only you can tell.
Time doesn’t exist with you, does it?
Only fleeting moments of happiness.
So you watch and watch,
Capturing hearts of the hopeful, seeing the dead depart.
That’s all you simply do.

Ah, bitter stars in the midnight sky,
So much admiration, such hope from a hopeless man.
These chains of progress I will drag to the end of this eternal path
For everything in me may have died and departed,
But the existence of curiosity is strong.
I will drag these chains to the end and see what I find,
Passing countless others who have failed or fallen by sin,
Just in the hopes I will find my end myself,
And reach up to you with hand in air, struggling, saying those famous lines twofold:
“I wish time would stop.”
“I wish time… would….”


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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