Shining Sunrise

A calm night brings forth a new waking.
Quick! Look toward where the sun awakens!
The birds sing of its triumphant return!

Above, the darkened skies, they perish!
Silence grows weary of itself and collapses,
Things that slumbered now stir throughout the grass,
And the birds lose themselves in their orchestra.
It’s coming, it’s coming! The sun is about to open its powerful eye!

The moon retreats to the other side of the world,
The silence follows along with it, preparing their next plan to foil the flaming orb.
It is a playful game of cat and mouse
Both having their weaknesses foiled by strengths.
How long can this game last, a thought gleams,
Of this silly cat and mouse game that has no signs of ending.

Ah, at last, the sun is seen on the horizons.
The moon is but a fading image that was once pure
Cursing the sun and its waking.
So early in the morning, the dew fresh and cool which comforts the working soul.
Good morning, shining sun.
Would you like some breakfast?


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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