Strange Acquaintances

Have we met before?
Such a strange world we live in, filled with many mysteries one cannot conceive or comprehend.
A fleeting moment in time, where arms brush against another, then apologies exchanged.
I wonder where we have met before….

Was it during that time in the park?
A quiet walk among the silence, only the company of trees surrounding.
The flow of the river and its gentle current, picking loose grass and sending them off into the unknown.
A glimpse beyond the river and our gazes cross, but we look away and continue our path ahead instead.
Such a familiar feeling.

Have we met before?
Perhaps in the snowy December night, when silence and isolation become their greatest,
Not a soul in sight to embrace, no others to be with.
Watching others walk with loved ones, friends and other acquaintances;
Sitting on a bench, alone and hopeful.
Gazes lock with each other just for a simple moment.
But time is fleeting, and our locked eyes break apart
Then disappear as we continue on the path ahead.
Such a similar feeling.

Have we had fate before? Destiny?
These strange powers which somehow bind us, but also separate us.
Have we met before?
Such a feeling of familiarity on the tip of my tongue,
But so indistinguishable, a lapse of reasoning in my mind put forth to my heart.
What is this feeling?

Gazes lock once more. I blink.
“I’m sorry, could you repeat your question again?”


About Grim Meteor

Hello. I write, stream, read, dream, and do other stuff Thanks for stopping by
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2 Responses to Strange Acquaintances

  1. Samantha says:

    Very nice writing here. You’re off to a great start, I’d say. =)

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