A Dialogue with Myself

“Talk to yourself.”

But what do I say? Even to myself, I am too afraid to speak.

“You have plenty to say.”

Do I?

“Everyone speaks, even with their bodies.”

How would you know?

“I see what you see. I am the curiosity that glitters in your eye.”

But you’re also the tape that keeps my mouth sealed.

“Am I?”

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Tell me what you want to say,
Be free as you want to seem.
Speak your mind through your words,
Unless the sound of your voice makes you scream.

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An Empty Space

He woke up to silence. The two-story house remained mute upon entrance of the sun’s rays. The sound of his slow breath gave him pause, locking him down to the softness of the mattress. He felt glass shards trickle down his dry throat as he swallowed. His body, heavy with sleep, kept still as he stared at the ceiling. He desired nothing more than for the thick silence of the house to swallow him whole. Continue reading

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Road of Good Intentions

Ah, this road, my old friend.
How many injustices did you defend?
Did the men you proved innocent walk?
Only again to murder, terrorize and stalk?
I wonder what the mother of that child did,
As she cradled her bloodied child, rid.

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You need to be patient, dad always cautioned her. She was damn tired of hearing about his so-called wisdom. His talk of patience did nothing to save mom. He kept asking Cad to have some faith, that Guide and the others would contact them before too long but these past two weeks earned her nothing but more resentment. With the new mayor making everyone’s lives a living hell and dad’s constant inaction Cad thought it better to put her fate into her own hands.
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Eyes Of An Honest Man

When a man became desperate he looked to other people for needs. It didn’t matter if the need was material or spiritual, it all depended on the person in question. When a person approached death he made the instinctive choice of fleshing out his last wishes before passing onto the next life. In this day and age many probably asked for wealth, some sort of physical glee like money, women or a fancy mansion. Bos hesitated to count the times in his mind about the honest folk who regretted being unable to do more for his friends and family. When it came down to the rabid dogs of the wastes and people who remembered their humanity, the honest yearned to give freely and lovingly while the rest took everyone else’s freedoms away without a shred of remorse.
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Death’s Dove

It paid off to have survival skills in the wasteland. Every salvager needed them or else death treaded pretty close. He read about the days before the Big Boom, when a man’s freedom out in the wilds depended on his ability to be responsible. It was different now though; the survival skills back then paled in comparison to the ones for the wasteland. Jason lapsed into a small bout of contemplation as he swept a thickly gloved hand over his ragged and grimy brown hair.
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The corpse was as wet and musky as a dog rolling through his filth. The cold, frigid rain washed over it like it was part of the alleyway. The lifeless hobo’s eyes were fixed upon the worn, red brick wall just a few feet away from his lopsided face. The absent smell of his clothes worried Tyr, who wondered, if the rain stopped, what his nostrils would behold.
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Journeymare – Chapter 2

She felt like she wandered for hours. It was dark enough to easily stumble yet light enough to recognize some semblance of the forest. Sassy felt relieved even though only little rays of light shined through the thick canvass of trees above. As calm as she tried to be she knew it was only a matter of time until the light faded away and drowned her with more darkness.
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Journeymare – Chapter 1

She didn’t like the sun. It never did anything for her other than give light to all the bullying she endured with the other ponies. Her parents never understood why she slept in all the time. While the sun loomed high over the sky and watched Ponyville bustle with activity Sassy Sarsaparilla remained in her room, sleeping the day away without a care.
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